Welcome to my HUGE wish/dream list! PLEASE NOTE: this is not a list of cels I'm actively hunting down (unless they are labled as HIGH), but instead a list of what I would one day like my cel collection to look like. The images/screen caps are only EXAMPLES of the kind of shot I'm looking for. If you have any of these cels for sell, and its not the exact same as the image, BY ALL MEANS let me know anyway ^_^ If you know anyone/anywhere that has any these cels for sale/trade PLEASE let me know at kamiki_chan@yahoo.com. Of course, just becuase I find these cels doesn't mean I'll have the money to throw at them. Thanks for looking!


Will Give Kidney = DREAM cel... these are the cels that I doubt I'll ever find and even if I did, probably couldn't afford. Would make trade exceptions for a lot of these

High = cels I'm actively hunting down for purchase.

Medium = cels that are high on my priority list and very willing to make offers if one I like pops up.

Low = Cels I will eventually focus on, but aren't what I'm actively seeking at the moment. Doesn't mean I won't make offers if I one comes around ^_^

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Card Captor Sakura
Yukito! He's SOO kawaii! No particular scene... just any cel of him looking cute ^_^ Medium
Eriol in his Clow/wizard costume Low
Kero transformed Low
Sakura in her prince costume Low
Spinel Sun (Suppi transformed). Low
Suppi-chan Low
Yue, showing his wings Low
Cowboy Bebop
Vicious Very High
Any decent (and afforable) Spike cel Low
El Hazard
Ifurita- full body or bust from OVA 1 or 2 Medium
Jinnai and Diva together Medium
Afura- really pretty waist or bust shot. Will be picky about the shot, but not the series (preferably OVA 1) Low
Miz- bust/waist up shot from OVA 1 Low
Dilandau dressed at Cerena. More specifically, I would KILL for when he is calling up to Jajuka (see sample image) Will Give Kidney
Dillandau holding his face after getting his scar, with the blood running down. Mmm...blood. Medium
Cat people! Merle, Nariya, Eriya Low
Dragonslayers!!!! ^__^ Low
Folken-sama... preferably with wings, but that goes without saying. (Anyone wants to give me a young Folken, I'm not going to complain either /wink) Low
Millerna Low
Fushigi Yuugi
Suboshi "kissing" Amiboshi, feeding him the forgetful juice. I know I'm dreaming... but its such a nice dream. Will Give Kidney
Chichiri without his mask. I don't care if its TV or OVA, just as long as its my fave Seishi looking gorgeous. I wish he didn't cover is face so much, no da! Very High
Amiboshi or Suboshi (both or Amiboshi preferred). They have Sano's voice actor... so I gotta love 'em! Medium
Nuriko. *sigh* Okay, I know. Name a Fushigi Yuugi fan who DOESN'T want a Nuriko cel. No preference in costune/scene/etc... just... a pretty, characteristic Nuriko cel. TV preferred, even if it does come with a heftier price tag. Medium
Hotohori. Gawd, he's pretty. However, I don't know if I love him enough to ever pay the price it usually takes to nab this succulant emperor, but I might as well list him here ^_^ TV preferred, of course...hair down a must ^^; Low
Nakago. He's pretty. He has a whip. 'Nuff said. Low
Yui. Sorry, I can't help it. I like her, I really do. :) She's probably the lowest on my FY priority, however Low
Master of Mosquiton OVA
Hono (adult) in his suit when he has to seduce the woman on the ship. DAMN! He looked SO hot (no pun intended)! Medium
Camille - I feel *really* sorry for Camille in the series... Sure, she's a bitch, but if MY husband that I dedicated my life and soul to for enternity just "changed" and didn't love me anymore... I'd be bitter, too. Low
Cute cel of Mo-chan Low
Yuki and Hono as adults, again, preferably together but any decent shot of them would be awesome. Low
Yuki and Hono as children- preferably together Low
Kain leaning into kiss/kissing Shido Very High
Kain pulling away from Shido after kissing him...with his hand reaching out saying "Ai Shitteru..." Very High
Kain (ver. 2) in normal lighting, showing off his beautiful blonde locks. Move over, Allen, you have competetion... Medium
Monochromatic Shidos! Looking for pretty cels of him in sepia and blue tones Medium
Riho possessed from Episode One (where she has the blood coming from her eyes). Medium
James in his bikini. Ya know, the ones with the inflatable boobs? If you DON'T know... don't ask, its a LONG story... ^_^ Very High
James pulling Jessie into the balloon from the episode "Holy Matrimony!" Very High
ANY cel of Jessie and James "fear hugging." This is when they glomp onto each other when something "scarey" comes along. Or a cel of them holding hands... I'm such a hopeless romantic... Medium
A shot of Jessie and James (Meowth optional) from their "Prepare for Trouble..." spill. Low
AND... if you haven't gotten the point yet.. I'm interested in ANY good cel of my James-Darling! Low
James sunbathing! Yes, I'm twisted... Low
Random White Haired Bishonen
Any good cels of pretty men with white hair. If the title of my cel gallery didn't give it away, I have an absolute fetish for men with white hair. *growl* Low
Rurouni Kenshin
Kamatari and/or Yumi from the Juppon Gatana Low
Kenshin looking angry/pissy Low
Saitou Hajime... almost any shot from TV series or OVA Low
Sano bust/portrait shot (image is an example, but my FAVE screen cap of him... *drool*) Low
Sano from the back showing his "Aku" kanji Low
Rurouni Kenshin OVA 1-4
Kenshin preferably with scar(s) visable if he has them Low
Tomoe dead or dying in the snow Low
Rurouni Kenshin OVA 5- 6
My ULTIMATE dream cel: Sano hugging Kenshin from OVA 6. More specifically... when he pulls back and his looking dreamily into Kenshin's eyes before he boards the boat to Japan. I would quiver and die... Will Give Kidney
Enishi. I'm almost literal about the kidney here. Very High
Kenji Very High
Kenshin with Kaoru under him, about to make love to her... or the scene afterwards when she's laying naked in his arms from OVA 6. Wow.... Very High
Almost any shot of Kenshin... would die for him catching his sakabatou or leaning in to kiss Kaoru (I can dream, can't I?) Low
Shamanic Princess
Leon, not transformed. Anymost *ANY* shot will do... he's just so damn obscure it's driving me crazy! *twitch* High
Sarah, with her balls showing (ya know... the floaty things in her hair... perverts) Medium
Gram Low
Japolo Low
Tiara transformed Low
Sorcerer on the Rocks (Chivas 1-2-3)
Shibas- I have a fetish for white-haired anime men, if you couldn't tell. I would just LOVE a cel of this cutie... I would DIE if I could get my hands of him naked inside Fiz's head *evil grin* but any nice shot of him would suffice. Cels from this anime seem REALLY obscure High
Genmi (pref. in the roses or swooning after Shibas-sama) Low
Kiss transformed as the wolf Low
Tenshi ni Narumon
Gabriel. Vampire desu!! Low
Rapheal, the one-winged angel ^__^ Low
The Last Unicorn
The unicorn Very High
The unicorn and Schmendrik Very High
The unicorns running from the ocean Very High
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Meier holding Charlotte in front of the mirror Will Give Kidney
Meier and Charlotte together High
Pretty Charlotte High
Hunter D Low

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