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Source: OVA
Layers: 2
No sketches available
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Added 3/30/2002
Updated 6/5/2002
Lovely shot of Shayla-Shayla from OVA 1. =) I think she needs to rank up there on my list of cool anime females :) All three priestesses from El Hazard were pretty kicks ass ^_^ I'm very happy with this cel, another bargain buy from Ebay. Yes, having nothing better to do one a Sunday night, Kenshinny<.a> and I sat at our computers and went through e v e r y - s i n g l e - E l H a z a r d auction that was posted from a HUGE batch. Guess it paid off! Cel is two layers (Shayla and her fire effects): A12, B12.

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Curator: Kamiki
Gallery Created: 3/14/2002
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