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2/2/2003OH MY GOD! Six months with NO UPDATE? How is that possible! Have I died? Quit cel collecting? Not really... but I have been saving money for a Japan trip summer and put my cel buying on hiatus. BUT, I couldn't pass up a deal on a good Amano cel you can find in the ESCAFLOWNE section ^_^ Enjoy!
8/16/2002New EVIL Riho in the Nightwalker section! *dance*
7/25/2002*squeal dance glomp squeal dance swoon squeal* Check out who's new in Escaflowne!!!
7/25/2002Beautiful new cels in PetShop of Horrors and El Hazard sections! Thanks, Evilminion! Also added a new Coming Soon! *grin*

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Title Last Updated
El Hazard 7/25/2002
Escaflowne 2/2/2003
Fushigi Yuugi (OVA) 6/3/2002
Master of Mosquiton 6/25/2002
Moncolle Knights 5/20/2002
Nightwalker 8/15/2002
PetShop of Horrors 7/24/2002
Pokemon 4/10/2002
Record of Lodoss Wars 6/3/2002
Rurouni Kenshin 3/17/2002
Victorian Legends (Fancels) 6/3/2002
Words Worth 6/9/2002

Curator: Kamiki
Gallery Created: 3/14/2002
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